Commercial Photography


With Christmas coming and everyone shopping online, lets get your website updated to allow you to capture the online sales. We have a portable system we use to set up and we can come to your location and take care of everything. As we shoot to a computer you can see the photos as we take them so we can fine tune the photos so they match what you currently have. Once we are set up we can quickly change out the products to photograph everything in a timely manner.

 Great photos on your website is your silent salesman to show your products. It is also a great way to to show the quality of your products to the potential clients. This will result in time spent on more productive quotes and conversations which helps the bottom line.

We are able to take a range of product photos from things as small as a quarter, to interior photos and exterior architecture photos. With our green screen capabilities we can create composite photos to better reflect your product or environmental portraits.

Portraits have become almost a requirement as people like to know who they are talking to. When photographing portraits we have a number of background options including a green screen to meet your vision.

As with everything these days, time is money so we can re-size the photos to meet the final product requirements to reduce time needed to put them on your website, or sites like Linkedin and Facebook. This will allow you to just insert photos and not have to worry about the social media platform distorting the photos when you load them.

Advertising on Social Media platforms is quite popular these days and is a cost effective way to keep people aware of your products and any updates you may have. I have experience in this area and can offer assistance if required.

Check out our work

Portraits with traditional backgrounds, on location studio photography

This is the standard type of portraits that we can provide. There is options for the background as shown, the white and black background. But we can change it up to fit you situation, such as a wall in your office or board room that has been used before. We are just showing the white and black backgrounds but if you have a specific background to match existing portraits we can do that too! This is just a couple that I have taken, but we can match most existing portraits to make the new ones seamlessly match in with the existing ones. 

Environmental Portraits

This type of portrait is typically done on location, which can be used to add another element to the photo. One option we can offer is to take the portraits in your office on a green screen and put in the background  as required. This gives a lot of flexibility and options for a few different backgrounds as the situation requires. 

Product photography

We have the ability to photograph almost any size of products. With a little work up front to decide on what you want for a background we can set up a custom studio and photograph your products in an assembly line fashion. This will ensure consistency,  cost effectiveness and repeatability.

With the intended destination in mind we can ensure that the photos will fit seamlessly into your work flow. For example if your advertising is going to be over the photo, we will leave room for the text in the photo shoot.

Architecture - interiors and exteriors

This is a few examples of the work we have done in the past.