Who we are:

I have been doing photography for most of my life including action sports photography. I have also worked in the oil and gas world as an engineering tech with upstream facilities design and construction.  The last few years have been fun as I was the official photographer for a number of Jr hockey provincial championships as well as Lacrosse Midget nationals and of course the Minto cup the last 3 times it was held in Calgary. While I was doing this I was also working in the oil and gas world managing projects. This resulted in a lot of field time and I saw a direct need for good photos and video work to properly define what was currently in the field.

When looking for vendors for our projects, it was always challenging to find products that would fit our project requirements. Often new vendors had what we were looking for but the product were not clearly defined, so they were passed over. In a number of cases the products they were offering were exactly what we were looking for. This led us to continouly going back to the same suppliers as a result of not being able to quickly find options. 

   So the last number of years I have been working on commercial photography as well as educational videos for companies to allow potential customers find and understand their products quickly. This was done  with good product photography and sometimes text to properly show what they are offering. Getting photos done is often a forgotten list item, but it can be your silent salesman. Used properly it can prequalify the potential clients so you are getting only calls from clients that meet your product conditions. This will result in time spent on more productive quotes and conversations which helps the bottom line.

We are able to photograph a range of product photos from things as small as a quarter to buildings, interior photos and exterior architecture photos. With our green screen capabilities we can create composite photos to better reflect your product or environmental portraits.

Portraits have become almost a requirement as people like to know who they are talking to. When photographing portraits, we have background options as well as using your facility/boardroom to meet your vision. If the locations cause issues with schedules we can use a green screen and create composite photos that will save time and money.

Deliverable photos:  As with everything these days, time is money, so we can re-size the photos to meet the final product requirements to reduce time needed to put them on your website, or sites like Linkedin and Facebook. This will allow you to just insert photos and not have to worry about the social media platform distorting the photos when you load them.

Advertising on Social Media platforms is quite popular these days and is a cost effective way to keep people aware of your products and any updates you may have. I have experience in this area and can offer assistance if required.

Our Core Values

We create the photography and video productions to fit the intended final product. This allows us to control cost, time and quality.

Our Mission

To provide excellent service and quality within the given budget and time constraints to  deliver a product that meets the intended requirements. 

With our oil and gas engineering background we talk the same language and have a good understanding of how to reach the intended market with the products we create.