You should be here, not struggling with video creation!!
Lets create your video production!!

There is a few different types of videos for different situations:

Voice over product videos

These can be quick simple videos that we can record the audio first and fill in the video with product photos and short video clips. These are typically the quickest to create.

Product overview videos

These are typically videos shot on location that include photos as well as videos that help show how the product works or a product introduction. It also could introduce a new bigger or smaller version of equipment that is currently in use.

These can be short, for quick spots on you-tube, Facebook, or Linkedin.

How-to repair videos

These videos are typically longer and usually require the said equipment to go through the entire repair process. It is also a great time to show any differences in the equipment. This can be updates or different sizes of equipment.

There is a lot of variations of uses for videos, let us custom build one for you!

Since there is a lot of different reasons why videos are needed, we work with you to ensure that we make the video targeted to your intended audience. It can be overwelming but we can work with your outline to create a script and shot list. This will ensure that the end product is one you are proud to have on your website and advertise with.
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