It's time to complete that photography/ video project you have been avoiding

Lets have a discussion about what your  need is and we can work together to create a solution that fits your budget and time constraints.

Portraits including location photoshoots.


They are a requirement it seems these days. Fortunatlly I have a great quick workflow that only needs a relativly small area to set up. As i shoot tehtered it is possible to see the photos during the shoot. this allows everyone to be happy with their photos before we leave.

Product Photography

Product photography

This is something that is quite often overlooked. It is critical to have good photos of your products as everyone looks online for everything these days. It is proven that great photos produce more sales as it takes the product to a professional level which portrays confidence to the buyer

Achitecture / Interior and Exterior Photos

Well lit, properly photographed interiors and exteriors creates a pleasing image that is proven to increase views as well as sales. With our expensive tilt shift lenses we can keep vertical lines vertical it doesn’t look like walls are falling over.

Video Productions

Often a video is the best way to portray what you are looking at selling. People tend to want a talking video over text in most cases. Words with even a simple slideshow can quickly introduce the product. Longer videos are great for showing more complex things. Things like how-to videos, repair videos, or a complex product introductions. In some cases a simple video can help qualify the potential clients so more of your inquires are productive ones. 

With our experience we can help from writing the script, shooting the video and delivering the final product that is ready for you to upload to what ever final platform it is intended. 

Why Tracy Hope Photography?

We have experience in what your end user is looking for which helps target the photos and/or videos to better address the viewers intrest and potential purchase.

What You Get

Final delivery items are purpose designed for the end use in mind. This allows for a seamless use of the photos or video for your use.

In addition every deliverable we produce is archived in case it is lost or the computer crashes.